Couples  who are able to communicate and respect each other’s  individual growth  have better chances of withstanding the difficult  times and can  actually grow stronger together.

Inevitably,  relationships will have ups and downs. Often the  vulnerabilities that  were earlier shared become hindrances and triggers  for resentment and  negativity toward each other. Even in a healthy  relationship, pursuit  of personal activities and interest groups* can  become a threat to the  other. Ideally, when these healthy experiences  are supported by one’s  partner, they can be viewed as freedom to be  strong as individuals.  This can increase trust. Yet, without each  partner managing their own  emotional reactions, the trust built from the  earlier stages of  relationship development can erode. Small episodes  can become  experienced as hurtful and resentment can build.

Couple’s  therapy can help build a deeper understanding of individual  needs by  exploring each other’s childhoods, families and attachment  styles and  by developing a shared model of a healthy relationship.  Couple’s  therapy also helps identify the needs of the couple in a  supportive  environment, free from blame or guilt and works toward a  collaborative,  communicative future. It is possible and realistic to  learn ways to  comprehend each other’s perspectives that lead to stronger  trust and  greater connectedness for healthier long-term fulfillment.

*may  include healthy activities: book groups, exercise groups,  watching  sports, playing games, taking classes, and unhealthy  activities:  drinking and carousing, staying away from home, avoidance,  lack of  communication, etc