Eti Valdez-Kaminsky Marriage and Family Therapist Divorce MediatorEti Valdez-Kaminsky Marriage and Family Therapist Divorce MediatorEti Valdez-Kaminsky Marriage and Family Therapist Divorce MediatorEti Valdez-Kaminsky Marriage and Family Therapist Divorce Mediator


Thank you for contacting my psychotherapy and divorce mediation practice in Berkeley and Orinda California.



My practice is based on direct, honest and supportive interventions to help adolescents, young adults, adults,  couples and

families improve their quality of life. 

    I believe that psychotherapy is an important resource for people who are grappling and struggling in their life.  Psychotherapy provides a means of practical problem solving and can allow for a new perspective on the way one's thoughts and feelings can affect our daily lives.

I received my education and training at San Francisco State University in psychodynamic clinical psychology.

Over many years of practice, I have worked with adults, children and families who have experienced psychological problems, trauma, mental illness or  struggled with substance abuse, and others who have sought to understand  themselves on a deeper level.

I hope to hear from you and to help with your life and psychological development.  


Divorce Mediation 

Divorce mediation is a way for divorcing couples to come to a fair and equitable divorce agreement.  In a less contentious environment and process, couples who use a divorce mediator are able to go through all the steps needed to dissolve their divorce.  People tend to save financially by using a mediator compared to using lawyers, and much of the pain and suffering of divorce can be minimized with the help of a divorce mediator.

Divorce mediation covers child custody issues, child support, dividing the marital home, assets and financials and spousal support. At the end the mediator will provide a Memorandum of Understanding that can be taken to court as a divorce decree.

Note: Child support issues will use the California legal calculation that is established by the state based on income.  Spousal support is related to income and expenses for each spouse.  

Fees and Payment


Feel free to contact me with any questions. 

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